Production and Marketing

CBV Sale Days are not just about selecting bulls, but are an opportunity to share ideas with some of the leading cattlemen in Australia.

CBV cattle are all grass raised beef from conception to carcase with no chemical imputs at any stage.  This is a low cost efficient production system packaged in neat genetic bundles.  

On Sale day,Sale bulls are drafted into groups of 10-20 head with full production data on reproduction speed, survival and growth, considering all criteria we know of that has an impact on Margin. Four generations of reproduction reliability data is available on Sale Day. 

Clients can select from approximately 100 bulls in each category, confident that the hard decisions have already been made, in the breeding, timing and selection analysis.
This is a simple and 'no-pressure' system, over a few hours, in the stockyard to select some of the most productive adapted genetics in the world. 
CBV management is transparent, and inspires confidence by the rigor and discipline at all stages of breeding, survival, measurement, and, importantly, castration percentage.
Most years we have clients or potential clients present during our bull drafting days, armed with a full set of our CBV data sheets.

This is a vigorous and interactive process, to the benefit of all parties.

CBV Bull Sale