Philosophy and Objectives

CBV Brahman cattle are developed on the philosophy of analysing the business for economic efficiency, then deriving genetics capable of driving that business to greater efficiency.

We make no excuses, just deal with the facts. Our aim is to collect the soundest science in tropical agriculture and the strongest financial principals and build a family business in a constantly changing and challenging world.

Our task at CBV is to develop low risk strategies and genetics to achieve profit. Applying highly adapted cattle and sound analysis is the route we have taken for nearly three decades.

CBV Breeding objectives - breeding analysis

  1. Identify, devise and provide genetic solutions to commercial requirements.
  2. High reliability genetics – optimizing reproduction, adaptation and speed of growth, in naturally gentle cattle.
  3. Constant evolution of management and analysis strategies, to ensure stated objectives are reached in an acceptable time cycle.
  4. Nett commercial result is clean affordable animal protein, produced profitably in an environmentally friendly system.
  5. Continue a global search for good advice, innovation and research in genetics, management and extension.
  6. A transparent and accurate reporting system to our clients and students, of CBV strategies and results of genetics, management, marketing and analysis.
  7. Dedication to commercial substance – not shadows. The market place for seedstock and carcass production is often littered with shadows. To achieve genetic gain, knowing the difference is essential.
  8. Apply the above diligently, and with good intent.

"The nett result in genetic terms is an extraordinary group of cattle, with very high production at very low costs per unit of production." 

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