Days to Calving EBV

Days to Calving EBV (days) is an indicator of female fertility based on the time between a cows first exposure to a bull and when she subsequently calved. 

Genetic trend for fertility

Cows that calve late in the season or fail to calve are penalised in Brahman Breedplan.  At CBV all cows retained must wean a calf and conceive before 21 February every single year. Even if a calf is lost by misadventure, wild dogs, or anything else, CBV cows are killed for beef.  We require total accountability, and 100% returns of progeny.

This is quick, clean and positive action.

This rigour probably has helped the genetic elevation of the Collins CBV Brahmans to World Class.

Lower, or negative Estimated Breeding Values (EBV’s) are preferred indicating shorter days to calving for the sires daughters. (Source; National Beef Recording Scheme, Brahman Group Breedplan)
CBV has developed a strong management and selection plan for over 20 years, identifying factors that contribute to accelerated reproduction and stronger DC EBVs.

We have measured speed of re-breed, puberty threshold, calving interval, age at first calving, number of calves, speed of growth, dry season gain, wet season acceleration, as well as good temperament, and fleshiness.