Faces of CBV

The faces of CBV

The CBV group has benefited from the imput of all family members in wide and differing roles over the last 29 years.

Alf Collins Snr with children Alf Collins Snr with grand-children Angus and Maggie
 Alf Collins Sr (left) running over CBV Data Sheets at CBV's Annual Bull Sale Day Alf Collins Sr (left) with Nev Mills (centre) analysing Data Sheets at CBV's Annual Bull Sale Day
Dallas Hogan
Dallas Hogan, mother of Flynn and Mia married to Max and produced the CBV newsletters (Issues 8 to 17). Dallas fattens steers and has very good stock horses
Mick & Lara Conaghan Managers of "Gunderoo Station" Nebo, Queensland
Lara, Alf's second daughter, with her husband Michael Conaghan and children, Reade, Campbell and Madeleine.